The Disquietude Trophy Project

What are your unacknowledged achievements – things taking lots of time or effort, but that only you notice? For many people, the most important accomplishments in life are stuff done each day “just” to keep everything together. Over the past four months in Mildura Kate Cotching has been running short workshops where people took on the challenge of reflecting on their lives to identify strengths, and imagining what a trophy for these might look like – and then they made it.

An installation of the sculptures produced were exhibited at Mildura Arts Centre

Yvonne Jones, My dream heart (left) and Crazy fun People (right) and Rosemary Lawson My garden (Centre) Photo by Huw Greenhough
Works by various Artists

Detail of artwork by Gulsoom Hashimi, Happy Heart in Australia

The workshop at The Mildura Eco Centre with Sunraysia Community Health Services Refugee Kitchen Garden  Group

Works by various Artists

Thanks to the following organisations and groups for supporting workshops: Sunraysia Community Health Services' Refugee Kitchen Garden and Pain Management groups, The Christie Centre's ArtRageUs Studios, the Mirabinda Social Club, Mallee District Aboriginal Services Elders Group, FLO Connect, Mildura Arts Centre, Mildura Neighbourhood House and the Afghan Community

This project is supported by the Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional and remote Australia, administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria. This project is also supported through Mildura Rural City Council's Arts Development grant and auspiced by Arts Mildura. Thanks to Huw Greenhough for the Majority of the Photography.

Tonilee Kay Lavers, Surviving Life.
 Mikayla Pryor, The Melody Hits the Sound.
Anonymous Artist, Moving on.
Bianca, Friends
Shay, Free
Annabelle, Growth
Eric Murray, Dream Cup
Maureen Taylor, Family Tree
Maureen Taylor, Imagination

Jacinda Kelly, Ladder to Heaven
Joe Sadler, Golden Hand

Elizabeth Maloney, Be Happy
Aaron Kyle Rose, A K R
Josh Satori, Untitled

Joel Milne, Milly keeping calm
Erin Glasson, Trophy Medal
Neil Kelcey, Glass 
Melissa Woolcock, Family Ties
Anonymous Artist, The door to achievements
Anonymous Artist, Kindness 

Jan Gulzari, Calmness by happy music
Ali Sultani, Candle Light

Hilda Murray, BMX National Title
Judith Bailey, Love For My Grandson
Barry Pettit, Basket Ball Trophy

Michael Lang, People looking and having a talk
Jayden Dickinson, Exercise
Leah Harris, I'm Happy
Pam Jones, The lengths I go to
Anonymous Artist, The Flow
Kirsty James, Circle of life 
Hilda Murray, Snoopy Dreaming
Molly, Untitled
Pauline Hamence, Untitled

Raihana Hashimi, Goal!

Maria Riedl, Look in the mirror will you stand?

Antonette Zema, Pearls are a girl's best friend
Judy Marshall, Togetherness, About myself and my sister coming back together
Anonymous Artist, The Creative Progress 

Gulsoom Hashimi Happy Heart in Australia 

Jennifer Craig, Untitled

Christine McCullagh, The gift givings of Scarfs

Michael Lang, People looking and having a talk
Jayden Dickinson, Exercise
Leah Harris, I'm Happy
Nematullah Akhlaghi, Untitled
Zia Ibrahimi, The beauty of moon flower

Pam Jones, The lengths I go to
Kirsty James , Circle of life

Arifa Mohammadi, Cinderella's book
Saeda Khudarham, The Book

Kerryn Sylvia, Tipping the Scales

Habiba Alijan, All the different cultures here

Jeff Kelly, Totem Spirit

Sana Hashimi and Wajiha Qasem, Friends Forever

Linda Porter Thornton, Circles of empowerment

Jennifer Matthews, If only I could sing

Bob Jankowski, Attainment of Purposeful Striding Through Life

Sally Freeman, Salaxy (Sally's Galaxy!) 

Tahira Haidari, Flower

Farzana Zahedi, Being able to grow big trees

Fatima Mustafawi, A prize for the right person

Fiona Davis, Cats Paradise

Pam Fox, The Listener

Mah Gul Ibrahimi, Untitled

Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo, Patience of a Saint

Chris Dowdy, Mobile love sister Lauren
Michael Lang, Paper People

Andrew Van Ganns, The church hall

Anonymous Artist, A sustainable happy place to live

Heather Lee, The Challenge

Arifa Mohammadi, and Saeda Khudarham, Untitled

Gulsoom Hashimi, Peace in Australia

Gulsoom Hashimi, Happy Heart in Australia

Anonymous Artist, Key to a fresh start

Habiba Alijan, Something for everybody that's done anything

Anonymous Artist, My Inspiration are my Grannies

Anonymous Artist, Let it slide

Kate Cotching, Curiosity & Responsibility

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