Exhibition at Gallery F Mildura - Opening 8th June 5:30 pm

An exhibition of paintings and soft sculptures that highlight everyday struggles and achievements.
At Gallery F Mildura 31-33 Deakin Avenue Mildura, Vic.
Exhibition Runs from Thursday 8th of June until Saturday 1st of July.
Opening celebration Wednesday 7th June 5:30 pm.
The gallery is open Thurs - Fri 10am - 4pm and Saturday 10am - 2pm.
Kate Cotching, Books for building, 2015, Oil on paper.
In a sport obsessed society the exhibition playfully challenges the way we see victories, by acknowledging some of the most difficult and personally challenging activities people face.
The embroidered and heat moulded fabric sculptures were produced while undertaking the Artist In Residence program through Ashfield Council in Sydney 2015 and the works were first shown in Ararat Regional Gallery. Inspired by the self-professed, but otherwise unacknowledged accomplishments of the artist's friends and family, these sculptures de-construct the shape and notion of the trophy. By embracing these individual stories of generosity, adventure and strength while producing the works, the sculptures seemed to develop of their own accord.
The seven paintings on show depict altered sporting trophies alongside everyday objects, which have been discarded and given to a second-hand store, representing the difficulties and frustrations that come with day to day life.

Kate Cotching, Ultramarine Reservation, 2015, Fabric and silk thread

Caught: The southern, uppermost bank of the Murray River

Caught: The southern, uppermost bank of the Murray River.
Silk and cotton thread, wire, debris
Debris collected from the southern, uppermost banks of the Murray River.
Caught in a stateless place.
A natural curve, evolving and open to all that the elements throw at it.
A division, political, enforced, governed, uncontrollable.
Sometimes we get caught in this space.
We are trying to move.

Caught: The southern, uppermost bank of the Murray River.
Silk and cotton thread, wire, debris
approx 100x 150cm)

This piece was exhibited as part of the Earth exhibition at Gallery F.